So this year might be our last, some say, and with more and more water-based, potentially life-supporting planets popping up all over the universe, odds are getting better that some(thing)one will take care of us before we’re ready.

No reason, then, to make any dramatic plans other than ripping through tunes and putting them to tape. Some o’ dem already finished, and so, the debut AxiSova record will be released in late spring/early summer, by the Kill Shaman label outta Los Angeles.

A cassette is also planned for Licking River, + some more jams hitting from some other places. You’ll hear some soon!


3 thoughts on “BEST END OF THE WORLD

  1. Är ca 1/4 av brödet lagom till frukost? Med 1 ägg och smör på? (Försöker komma fram till unglgäreifa portions stl:), ätit lchf 1 v nu. Din bok är den bästa bok jag nånsin läst- bara ätit mat efter dina recept hela v, allt är sååå gott!! Kram

  2. It would probably be more cost effective to replace it. It is old and probably isn’t very energy efficient. If you do decide to have it repaired get a qualified electrition to do it as it sounds dangerous. Be careful! good luck +4Was this answer helpful?

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